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8:00am - 9:00am - Concurrent Session #1
An Overview to Pipe Locating Tools & Techniques (1.0 W & WW TCH)

This class covers the basic theory of pipe locating for both water and sewer utilities, including Ground Penetrating Radar. We will duscuss many other topics, such as how pipe locators work, how to troubleshoot difficult locates, the reason for multiple frequencies and when to use which, how to handle and avoid bleed off and distorted signals, tools for plastic pipe locating, and finally how GPR works and when it is (and when it is not) a viable tool.

Instructor: Eric Denslow, Eastcom Associates, Inc.
Mr. Denslow has been with Eastcom Associates for over 12 years and is responsible for the training and locator sales throughout New England. Eric has taught many classes for mulitple Rural Water Associations, Water Works Associations, and also to the Gas Industry. Prior to joining Eastsom Associates, Eric was a Water Circuit Rider with the New Jersey Water Association for two years, and also spent four years at the Ocean Twp MUA in Ocean County, NJ.

The Importance of Asset Management (1.0 W & WW TCH)
While good asset management enables you to get the most from your assets, understading how to do it right is the key. This is easier to acheive than you might think, and your citizens will appreciate the ramifications - better service, rates, and responsive government. This is an immersive session that will disucss the basics and go beyond to equip you with the knowledge and a real time data driven approach to implement or enhance asset management programs for your utilities.

Instructor: Arnab (Arnie) Bhowmick, Aktivov Asset Management and Aakavs Consulting
Mr. Bhowmick has more than 21+ years of technical and managerial experience in business and operations, asset maintenance and management, GIS, emergency management, IT security, strategic planning, etc. He is currently the Chair of the American Public Works Association (APWA) Asset Management Committee and has been advising the CxO lelver ecexutives, city and district managers ad department heads for a couple decades on asset management, GIS, IT strategies business continiuity, technology trends, and e-governance. Arnie has worked for many corporations including Weston, ESRI, Tata Group, Founded Aktivov Asset Management and Aakavs Consulting. Arnie has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters dergree in GIS/BIS and Sustainable Engineering Technologies.

Holistic Approach to I&I in the Collection System (1.0 WW TCH)
This class begins with identifying what Inflow & Infiltration is. We will then discuss the effects and the hard costs of I&I. We will explore what injection grouts are and where injection grouts are used. This class will move on to discuss different grout types, acrylics and urethanes, for wastewater and water uses. We will wrap up this class with time at the end for questions.

Instructor: Chris Hamilton, Regional Manager, Avanti International
Mr. Hamilton is Avanti's Northeast Regional Manager overseeing the Sales and Support in the use of chemical and cement grouts to improve facilities and operations in mines, dams, sewers, subways, tunnels, tanks, storm drains, basements, parking garages, underground structures, and have been used in numerous other applications; and providing technical support to grouting consultants, engineers, contractors, and owners during all phases of a project, from concept through construction. Prior to joining the Avanti team in September 2018, Chris worked in various positions with Sherwin-Williams for 12 years, including Product Finishes and Protective and Marine Sales. Chris has experience creating specifications in conjunction with Plant and Field Engineers and has woked with products such as epoxies, Core of Engineer coatings, urethanes, and resinous flooring. Chris has a Bachelors Degree in Science Marketing from Saint Francis University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration fron the Univeristy of Phoenix.

9:00am - 9:30am - B R E A K

9:30am - 10:30am - Concurrent Session #2

Vacuum Conveyance Systems (1.0 W & WW TCH)

This presentation covers Airvac's outdoor vacuum system uded by municipalities. The extent of use, features, limitations, including system size, elevation, and flow parameters will be discussed, as will the benefits and advantages.

Instructor: Philip Crincoli, Aqseptence Group - Airvac Division
Mr. Crincoli serves as both Northeast Regional Manger and National Industrial Sales Segment Manager for Aqseptence Group/Airvac Division for their Vacuum Technology Wastewater Conveyance Systems. Phil possesses a slaes and technical background in the environmental, pharaceutical, chemical, remediation (superfund, RCRA), along with a wide network of contacts and colleagues. He has a Bachelors degree in Biology from Monmough University and is both LEAN and OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPPER certified. Phil is an active member iwth the American Society of Plubing Engineers (ASPE) with both the NJ and PHL chapters, the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE-NJ). He is also past VP if IFMA-NJ and former outreach and plant secuirty committee member at the Chemistry Council of NJ. He has been recognized by both Who's Who in Environmental and Sales Professionals, and Lions Club International for humanitarian services.

MassDEP & US EPA Roundtable Discussion (1.0 W TCH)
Michael and Andrea will be available to discuss regulatory updates & priorities for 2022/2023.

Instructor: Michael Celona, MassDEP
Mr. Celona is an Environmental Analyst within the Drinking Water Program. His areas of focus include lead in school drinking water, supporting small public water systems, and water operator education and outreach.

Instructor: Andrea Traviglia, US EPA - Region 1
Ms. Traviglia is an Environmental Engineer witht the US EPA - Region 1 office, based from Boston, MA. She workes in the Drinking Water Quality and Protection Section.

10:30am - 11:00am - B R E A K

11:00am - 12:00pm - Concurrent Session #3
Leak Locating : Basic Review & New Technology (1.0 W & WW TCH)
This class will cover a brief review of standard methods and issues regarding common leak locating efforts. We will then discuss the description and costs of a full leak survey. Correlators, loggers, and pinpointing tools will also be covered. We will close with new technologies and cloud based network monitoring, a systems that can pay for itself in short order.

Instructor: Warren Verga, 360 Utility Solutions
Mr. Verga, a graduate of Monmouth Univeristy in New Jersey, has been involved in pipe locating and leak detection for over 40 years. He has designed, tested, and trained poeple in the use of various types of locating and leak detection equipment throughout North America. In 1989 he co-founded Utilitronics, a distributor and manufacturer of portable test equipment, and spent 16 years developing their utility business of pipe locating and gas and water leak detection instruments. He joined Flow Metrix in 2005 and was involved in the development of their digital leak detection and correlation products, including their patented network monitoring systems for leakage control. In 2009 he left Itron/Flow Metrix and started 360 Utility Solutions, a company devoted to consulting, training, sales, and support on new technologies for the water utility industry.

Understanding the Lead & Copper Rules Revisions (1.0 W TCH)
With the EPA's final ruling on the LCRR, effictive on December 16, 2021, water utilities have just over two years to build their complaince plans and preliminary service line inventories ahead of the submittal deadline of October 16, 2024. We will provide an overview of how the new requirements will impact utilites most. This session will goucs on the service line inventory components and what tools you may want to lokk at to ready your toolbelt for LCR compliance.

Instructor: Samantha (Sam) Biltcliffe, 120Water
Ms. Bittcliffe helps educate utilities on the compliance requirements of the Lead & Copper Rule Revisions and partners with them to develop solutions to help meet their individual needs and ensure compliance. She largely workes with utilities on the East Coast with additional foucs on rurla water systems. In her tiem at 120Water, Sam has helped utilities develop unique and customized solutions to achieve their goals in Lead Service Line Inventory development, Virification planning, Sampling, and Communications.

12:00pm - 1:00pm - L U N C H B R E A K

1:00pm - 3:00pm - Concurrent Sesion #4
Ultrasonic Metering & Intelligent Hydrants (2.0 W & WW TCH)

Rain falls from the sky so the assumption goes that water is free. But, clean drinking water has costs - costs of collecting, costs of treating, and costs of delivery. Water meters are used to measure the flow of water from a source and keep a record of water supply usage. This data is critical for fairness in billing and for strategic planning of increased infrastructure. The first hour of our training will provide information on: traditional metering technology, ultrasonic metering technology (how it works, benefits, and accuracy), ultrasonic meter register, EPA study on leaks, effect of accuracy on revenue and consumption, and on the benefits of ultrasonic meters with AMR/AMI. The second hour will introduce the recent advancement of intelligent hydrants. Intelligent Hydrants have within them technologies that assist in running water systems while helping with initiatives such as optimizing pressure, identifying transients, reducing energy costs, detecting acutal water temperatur, reducing non-revenue water, and assisting with leak detection. This technology can be retrofitted to fit exisitng fire hydrants, or a new fiew hydrant can be purchased with the technologies already installed. Intelligent Hydrants constantly monitor pressure an temperatures and send alerts via text message or email via cellular technology.

Instructor: Scott Fitzgerald, F.W. Webb

Instructor: Brett Johnson, Clow Valve

Instructor: Brad Whitaker, Kennedy/MH Valve
Mr. Whitaker has spent over 35 years in the water works industry. More recently, Brad has been employed with Kennedy Valve for the past 25 years. Prior to his current work, he worked for Red Hed Supply in New Hampshire for 3 years, and also worked for Scepter (now IPEX) Pipe for 7 years.






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