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MassRWA: Wastewater Technician/Circuit Rider


Position: Wastewater/Technician-Circuit Rider

Posted: May 12, 2023

Closing Date: Until position is filled

Location: Mass Rural Water Association, Northfield MA

Job Requirements:

  1. Multi-year employment required (5 years’ experience preferred) in working for, operating, maintaining, or managing a rural/community wastewater system.

  2. A well-rounded technical knowledge of rural and small system needs and methods of meeting those needs.

  3. Technical knowledge of operating, maintaining, and managing a rural/community wastewater system.

  4. Knowledge of the financial, managerial, and operational characteristics of effectively run utility systems.

  5. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with operators, decision makers, regulatory agencies, and other professionals.

  6. Ability to identify, locate and explain wastewater problems to field personnel and decision makers.

  7. Knowledge and understanding of regulations, monitoring, and reporting requirements.

  8. Willingness and ability to travel extensively throughout Massachusetts.

Salary and Benefits: Starting Salary commensurate with experience, plus exceptional paid benefits!

To Apply: Please send cover letter and current resume to:

Mass Rural Water Association

781 Millers Falls Road

Northfield MA 01360

Or E-mail to:

Mass Rural Water Association

781 Millers Falls Road, Northfield, MA 01360

Phone: 413-498-5779

Fax: 413-498-9943