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Byfield Water District Primary Water Operator


2 Fruit Street P.O. Box 64

Byfield, MA 01922


The Byfield Water District is seeking applicants for the position of Primary Operator. This is currently a full-time position and participant of the Essex County Pension System, with BBS Health & Dental Insurance. A full job description is attached and contact information is listed below.

Salary Range: $66,500 - $75,000, Hourly Rate $32.00 - $36.00 respectively. On Call Stand-by Pay is an additional $300/Wk and included in the base pay. 4 Hr Minimum @ time and a half for weekend station checks and emergency callins.


Byfield Water District is a small community water system located within the boundaries of Newbury. The district has approximately 850 service connections and serves a population of 2,400 people, in addition to two school districts. The distribution system has twenty miles of water main which are 80% AC pipe, and the remaining is ductile iron and PVC. Byfield is a groundwater system comprising of three wells which are treated by chlorination and treatment of manganese through sequestering. The ideal candidate will have operational and technical experience in public water systems. A full grade 1T and 2D Massachusetts drinking water certification, or higher, is required. Certification in Backflow Testing and Surveying is desired. This position serves at the desire of the Board of Water Commissioners.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Water sampling and reporting.
  • Maintaining accurate records of all water sampling and water usage.
  • Water meter reading.
  • Water meter replacement and installations.
  • Maintenance to well stations.
  • Maintenance of equipment.
  • Maintenance of fire hydrant (flushing, winter pumping, marking, painting).
  • Maintaining inventory of parts and materials.
  • Dealing with any problems related to the distribution system or water quality that are being experienced by the customer.
  • Written and oral communication with staff, water commissioners, customers and consultants.
  • Testing Backflow Devices and maintaining associated reports.
  • Water shut-offs and turn-ons as needed by plumbers or seasonal customers.
  • Assist in repairs to leaks in water mains and services.
  • Mandatory Rotation “on call" to respond to water system emergencies outside of normal working hours.
  • Perform required daily duties at well stations on weekends and holidays.
  • Water service "shut-offs" or "turn-ons" as required by the customer or their plumbers.
  • Duties as required by the Director.

Resumes accepted until position is filled.

Mail Resume to:

Byfield Water District

PO Box 64

Byfield, MA 01922

Email Resume to:


Thomas D Cusick jr., Director

Mass Rural Water Association

781 Millers Falls Road, Northfield, MA 01360

Phone: 413-498-5779

Fax: 413-498-9943